Tips to Keep Your Skin Glowing All Winter

During winter, the chilly temperatures and reduced sunshine can leave our skin dry and dull-looking.

Here are a few tips and products to help you maintain your glow throughout the season - and, these items are on sale now in our new #SelfReflection promo event!

Firstly, it helps to know the difference between hydrating and moisturising your skin. Hydrating your skin means that you are adding a water based product - which means ingredients such as water or aloe vera should be at the top of the ingredient list. Moisturizing your skin means that you are using products that are fatty-acid based with ingredients such as oils and butters. These help to seal in hydration and prolong the hydrating effects.

Some products, such as those in Shea Moisture's skincare range, are formulated to hydrate and moisturize at the same time. They contain both water based ingredients and fatty-acid based ingredients, so they're great for that glow boost!

Cantu products are a long-time favourite of ours at Cloré Beauty. Not only are they effective and great quality, they are also very affordable! They recently launched their Skin Therapy line, which is made with the finest raw ingredients which will help to nurture your skin. Plus, this line is formulated without parabens, phthalates, sulfates, mineral oil, petrolatum, propylene glycol, or silicones.

Regularly apply the Cantu Skin Therapy Raw Body Butters on top of the Body Creams to lock in even more moisture and create a healthy, youthful glow that lasts all winter.

Your foundation can help to enhance the beautiful glow you've achieved through good skincare! We suggest a pore-perfecting formula like this one from Black Opal, to even out the skintone and help create a smooth texture. Apply with a brush for fuller coverage, or a damp sponge for a more natural finish.

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