Major differences between Clip in extensions real hair and synthetic clip in

Everybody wants to know the difference between clip in extensions real hair and synthetic hair. They also want to know whether both of them are applied in a similar way or differently. People must know that the difference does not lie in how the hair extensions are applied but in their quality. Clip in extensions real hair is made up of 100% real hair which makes it easy to blend in with your own hair.

Human Hair Looks Real

Since human hair clip, it looks like real hair, it makes them discreet. Nobody would be able to guess that you are wearing them if you get it in the same color as your hair. If you really do not want anybody to know that you are using hair extensions go for the ones made of human hair. It is required for you to avoid synthetic hair.

Synthetic Hair is Very Shiny

Another important difference between synthetic hair and real hair is that the former is overly shiny. Thus, unless you are the proud owner of the shiniest hair in the whole wide world, synthetic clip in extensions will not blend in properly. You would not see anything amiss with synthetic hair when you see them on television, online store or on the store shelf. However, when you would bring them near to your own hair or when you install them on your scalp, you will see the difference.

Difference in Installation Process

The installation process or the tools used vary between synthetic hair and human hair extensions. You cannot apply much heat when installing synthetic hair since it would melt. Tools like flat iron would melt the synthetic hair. However, on the other hand, you can style your hair using any tool and in any way in case of natural human hair extensions.

Quality and Price Factors

The difference is visible in their quality and price as well. Human hair would be expensive and look much nicer as well but synthetic hair would cost less and will not look good and authentic. Synthetic extensions will shed more hair often as well.