Our Carnival Makeup Essentials

If you're going to the Caribbean Carnival this year we want you to slay. Read along for tips which items you shouldn't go without and how to make the most of them.

Time to Get Ready with Cloré!

With all those feathers and glitters, its no saying that you'll want to dress up your lashes! We picked four distinct styles from Kiss-i-envy for four types of looks. For the Natural Beauty: Au Naturale 03. Want to look like you but better? These enough length and volume to keep up with your costume and step just outside of your comfort zone. For the Doll: Beyond Natural 03 will give you dispersed volume to flirtatiously open up the eyes with a bit of funky edge. For the Classic Girl: Juicy Volume 03 gives the smokey-eye look that darkens towards the outter corners of the eyes for a timeless dramatic look. And the last style in Juicy Volume 02 is for the Drama Queen with the winged-lash look with intense volume that screams Fierce.

Available at $4.99 a pair.Back at it with our Jerome Russell Hair & Body Glitter spray. Don't doubt the and in hair & body products! Make this spray work double-duty and take it from your head to toes (literally). To stay sparkly without the overkill, spray the high points of your body where the light touches like the tops of collar bones, tips of shoulders, center of your chest. If you want to take it further highlight your legs to make them shimmer! To use on the face spritz on your fingers and dab along your cheekbones in place of highlighter for extra glam.
Avaiable for $6.99 in stores.
Bring on the bold. Our L.A. Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss is our pick for true all-day hold. With its rich, high pigmented properties this liquid lipstick provides intense colour every time. Smudge-proof and long lasting, you'll want to get one in all 16 different shades.
Available for  $5.99.Next up, we have our DUO Strip Lash Adhesive. These amazing multi-taskers are not only for your lashes but for all that glitters! To get the most out of your glue, get it in the Clear tone so excess glue wont show when sticking on gem stones or craft glitter. Or if fore-going the glitz and glam, use the black glue after eyeliner for a bolder, more defined look to accompany your flawless lashes. This particular lash glue is great for it's extraordinary hold, and guaranteed to last you through a long day of fun and dance in the hot,hot sun!
Available for $7.99The only time it's okay to be Last Place. To hold the look in place, we love the L.A. Girl Pro HD Matte Finish Setting Spray. This paraben and fragrance-free setting spray is super lightweight and non-sticky, and also leaves a clean, matte finish. This is just what we need when we dance the day away and stay looking flawless all day long! Less is more with this product, as it only takes a few sprays to do the trick. The small spritz bottle is also great to take with you on-the-go!
Available for $7.49.