Weave your hair into a new style

indi remi ocean wave
If you have short hair but want to flaunt gorgeous wavy hair, the Indi Remi Ocean weave is your solution.
The Indi Remi ocean weave is formed with nutritional fortification and have a longer shelf life. The hair is extremely resilient and appears shiny and bouncy. No harsh chemicals and elements are used in the processing of these hairs. In fact, they come with an embedded purification process which keeps a check on the scalp infections.
The weft is soft and smooth. The sewing line of the weft is thin and short. This prevents the occurrence of tangles and hair frizzes. Using the Indi Remi ocean weave, you can style your hair in different ways. You can curl or straighten them as per your choice. After you wash your hair, they preserve their actual hair conditions. The hair are specifically designed to withstand environmental effects such as UV radiation, oxidation and moisture.
You can have soft and manageable hair using the Indi Remi ocean weave. These weaves are available in different lengths and colours. You can select from different shades and hues such as blonde, dark brown, chestnut, red brown and copper blonde. Italian, Malaysian, Silky, Yaki and French hair weaves are some of the most popular.
You can make different hairdos using these weaves. These weaves are known for their elasticity so you are free to style your hair as you wish. High ponytails, a loose braid or a bun would look admirable for an official party or a business deal. The curls would complement a dress code for nightlife, prom nights and even social events. You can get an attractive hair makeover in a few minutes and add more grace and style to your looks.
Caring for your gorgeous hair weaves:
  • Always wash the hair with mild running water. Do not use extremely hot or cold water to rinse your hair strands. Use a mild shampoo to clean your hair.
  • Be soft when combing the hair. A wide tooth comb will serve the purpose. Remember, you comb upwards from the hair tips till the roots.
  • Apply a conditioner after shampooing. Doing so will help retain moisture in the hair. Some extra shampoo may rip off the moisture form the hair making them dry.
  • Dry blowing the hair is unfavourable for these hair. Make sure you always air-dry your hair. Doing so prevents hair from becoming too dry.
  • Rubbing wet hair with a towel must be prevented. Just tap them softly and allow them to dry.
  • Do not pull the hair. Be soft and gentle when combing or shampooing the hair.
With a little care and maintenance, you can have shiny and bouncy hair tresses. You will never go through the bad hair day problem. Sew the hair weaves and flaunt your thick voluminous hair locks. They will steal the show for you.