Different Attributes of Remi Velvet by Outre

The first thing that strikes about Remi Velvet by Outre is that it is made of 100% remi human hair. One gets the clquality of the luxurious remi hair in duby weaving system, which is something extremely awesome. Moreover, Remi Velvet by Outre has the best hair length ratio in comparison with other product of its type that gives the look of a healthy finishing. The hair comes with easy and quick pre-styled bumping. Moreover, you do not have to iron or cut it for any reason. It has an elegant look.

Find out the different attributes of Remi Velvet by Outre below:

One-Directional Bumping

Remi Velvet by Outre has been specially designed to offer you easy and quick styling. Moreover, it is already pre-set with a slight bumping around the ends giving it a unidirectional curve from root to tip.

Long-Lasting Hair

This product lasts longer than other human hair products in this range. Moreover, it can be washed again and again. Thus, you can keep on reusing it for a long time.

Special Weft Technology

Since remi velvet is made using special weft technology it offers no shedding of hair.

Unidirectional Cuticle Remi Hair

The product in this range is made using minimally processed human hair thereby giving it a natural look. This is also done to preserve its original resilience and strength. It has the required luster and velvety soft feel to match the texture of your natural hair

Do Anything You Wish

You can do anything from perming, bleaching and curling to dyeing, blow-drying and ironing, the hair would maintain its soft structure always.

Value for Money

This product is extremely affordable and offers the best value for money. Since, you can use it so many times after washing them carefully and properly, it is worth the money you spend on it.

Variety of Colors

Remi velvet is available in an array of colors to choose from. People select different colors for different occasions or as per their skin color. You can take your pick as per your preference.

Easily Available

You can choose to buy this product from both online and offline stores. Its easy availability makes it popular across all groups of people.

Possibility of Different Styles

Women are so happy with this product because they can go for any style with it. You can go for a colorful bold fashion or a subtle professional style. You imagination is the limit. Remi velvet offers innumerable pre-bumped style options with user-friendly functionality.