Combat Dry & Itchy Scalp with: As I Am


Dealing with a dry and itchy scalp is never fun. In addition to the discomfort, some may even experience dandruff. How exactly do we treat these issues? Products like the As I am Dry & Itchy Scalp Line with Olive and Tea Tree Oils can do the trick!

Understanding dry and itchy Scalp

Before we delve into the solution, it's essential to understand what causes dry and itchy scalp. Factors like environmental changes, product buildup, and even stress can contribute to scalp irritation. These issues can lead to flakiness, redness, and discomfort, making daily hair care routines a challenge. Try to think back to any changes that you've 

Introducing the 'As I Am' Dry and Itchy Scalp Care Line

The 'As I Am' Dry and Itchy Scalp Care Line is specially formulated to address these concerns. With a blend of natural ingredients and innovative technology, this line offers a comprehensive solution to soothe and nourish your scalp.

Key Products in the Line

  1. Co-Wash

    • A gentle cleansing conditioner that hydrates the scalp and reduces itchiness without stripping natural oils.
  2. Olive & Tea Tree Oil Treatment

    • An intensive treatment that provides relief from dryness and irritation, promoting a healthier scalp environment.
  3. Leave-In Conditioner

    • A lightweight leave-in conditioner that moisturizes and detangles hair while soothing the scalp.

What are the benefits of using the As I Am Dry and Itchy Scalp Care Line?

  • Soothing Relief: The combination of olive and tea tree oil offers immediate relief from itching and irritation.

  • Hydration Boost: These products are packed with moisture-rich ingredients that nourish and hydrate the scalp, preventing dryness.

  • Natural Ingredients: Free from sulfates, parabens, and other harsh chemicals, this line prioritizes natural and safe ingredients for scalp health.

What other products are available from the As I Am Dry and Itchy Scalp Care Line?

  • Shampoo
    • If you need a deeper clean, opt for the shampoo opposed to the co-wash! Improves scalp moisture by 78%.

  • Conditioner
    • Some conditioners can cause build up and further increase dandruff, but not this one! It helps to fight dandruff and aid in maintaining a healthy scalp.

How do you use these products? Check out this video by Joi Wade for the inside scoop!