Amazing Features of Remy Cuticle XQ

Remy Cuticle XQ is the perfect example of remy hair. It has pliant cuticle strength. The hair always looks shiny, bold and healthy. The Remy Cuticle XQ is the best of its kind in the hair industry in today’s world. Remy cuticle is known for delivering excellence in every aspect. It offers the best value for money with its availability in vibrant colors, unparalleled strength, health and longevity. The thing that makes Remy cuticle different is its healthy and energetic cuticles, which is missing from every other product of its kind.

Find Below the Features of Remy Cuticle XQ:

Fortified Cuticle Strength

reThe hand selected Remy hair is developed with Advanced Cuticle Reinforcing technology. This helps to fortify the elasticity, resiliency and vibrancy of its original cuticles. Moreover, the cuticles also gain strength over various harmful and hair damaging environmental factors like air pollution, UV rays, styling products and hot irons with the help of this scientific advancement.

Enriched Cortex Technique

The natural structure of XQ’s remy hair is kept energized and conditioned with the use of the brand’s exclusive Advanced Remy Enrichment technique. The powerful combinations of radiance, sealed in moisture and healthiness of Cuticle Remy are the reasons behind the ageless looking hair.

Unidirectional Live Cuticles

Cuticle Remy features the Unidirectional “Live” Cuticles (ULC). It offers a tangle-free wear. And at the same time its luxurious texture is accentuated. XQ’s “laid-flat” cuticles ooze timeless radiance and thus deliver increased levels of vibrant color and light reflecting shine.

Classy Weft Design

XQ Cuticle Remy has the Advanced Precise Weft design which is an extraordinary innovation in this field. This particular design helps in creating a flexible weft for sewing without any effort. It also helps to secure weft for a shed-free wear. Its distinctive design makes Cuticle Remy the most sought after hassle-free Remy hair in the modern day.

Long Lasting Life

You can experience all the benefits of healthy natural hair with Cuticle Remy XQ by following simple hair care maintenance routine. This also helps in extending longevity of the product. The best part about this product is that it is ageless. One can use it for years as the hair can be washed over and over again. Regular washing would not affect the quality of the hair at all.
This product is developed with the use of advanced technologies and techniques focusing mainly on the idea of fortifying and preserving the cuticles when they are in their most vibrant and healthiest form.