Black History Month Highlight: Omega Mighty

Omega Mighty: Singer-Songwriter, Dancer, MUA
Instagram: @dollfacedrediemua
1.       Tell us about the DollfaceDredie brand & its services.
I founded DollfaceDredie when my personal needs for makeup and beauty services weren’t met. Seeing foundation products by giant cosmetic brands with complexions that ran only as deep as Kerry Washington with little variety in their undertones, confirmed that there was not only a lack of available products, but also Artists trained to work on ethnic skin. Today, DollfaceDredie is a mobile Beauty Business providing full solution hair and makeup services with the ethnic woman in mind. With a specialty in Bridal Beauty, our overall mandate is uniquely personal with a tagline “Dolling you up one face at a time…”Our team is equipped to handle large bridal parties of diverse women and we have expanded our services to include live music (DJ and Pianist), dance performance and choreography.
2.       Which past and current black figures in history inspire you and why?
The revolutionary Maya Angelou is a pioneer in poetry, sharing her traumatic life experiences to empower others. Pregnant at 16 and having worked at San Francisco’s first African-American female cable car conductor, in the sex trade and as a calypso singer, she then went on to unapologetically write “I know Why the Caged Bird Sings”, and “And Still I Rise”. Her literature earned her 3 Grammy awards and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Even in the face of adversity, Maya could not be stopped from reaching her ultimate dream. I love and respect that she didn’t sugar coat where she came from, but she put great emphasis on where she was going. And for that, she has inspired many around the world!
My other major influence and inspiration is Rihanna. Not only is she a ground-breaking recording artist from the tiny island of Barbados, she is a true mogul with co-ownership in LVMH. She founded Fenty Beauty in 2017, which has an estimated revenue of $570 million in 2018. She also launched Fenty (her Paris line) and Savage X Fenty (her lingerie line). With major notable collaborations such as PUMA and accolades throughout the years (ie. Icon Award recipient, Grammy’s, MTV and more), she is a force to be reckoned with. The small black island girl is now a global icon; and is a true testament to “anything is possible”.
3.       What does being a black woman in Canada mean to you?
It means having the liberty of freedom unbeknownst to my ancestors, but still having to navigate a world of separation. It means continuing to fight for equally every single day, but realizing that as a nation we have made exceptional strides. While imperfect, Canada is a country of diversity and pride. A country that I’m proud to say is open to change which is evident through the various celebrations of our cultural and ethnic differences. A place of ground-breaking change where our ancestors sought freedom and refuge, with history of slaves travelling through the underground railroad, many settling in Southwestern Canada. Finally, Canada is a country that as a government has advanced to create laws protecting the rights of African-Canadians and women, with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, 1982. Such legislation is revolutionary in the way that organizations continue to conduct business, and ultimately how a nation set so far back could truly start to thrive.

4.       What’s the best part of being a business Makeup Artist and business owner?
The best part of being a business Makeup Artist and business owner is truly doing something that I love. I LOVE making people feel great, not only through artistry but also through conversation and true connections. The work that I do truly builds confidence as often times I am working with women who haven’t seen themselves in that light before. They even take on a new-found love for themselves. After an appointment, they have the confidence to take selfies, to speak up in a board room and even celebrate themselves. Not because of a simple makeover, but because of a connection that is empowering. A personal journey for each client; A mandate I will never change!
That’s why I co-founded WhenGirls Toronto, a female empowerment group aimed to build confidence and self-discovery.
5.       Any advice for the next generation of black professionals within the beauty industry?
NEVER STOP. While It’s important to realize that barriers do exist for black business professionals, we cannot allow it to deter us from pushing forward. Create your own lanes and collaborate with like minded businesses. We are our own niche! And finally, the beauty industry NEEDS you, and it is changing with time. We are seeing natural kinky hair styles featured in mainstream commercials; the black beauty community has demanded that cosmetic companies create products that are inclusive of our demographic and we are finally seeing that impact. Moreover, be unapologetic about your overall vision and don’t feel the need to stray away from difficult and challenging conversation. Instead, let’s use those conversations as education tools, as our pitch for why we deserve a seat at the table. Representation matters to the consumer, and this is fact!
6.       Favourite Cloré Beauty product(s) and why?
Black Opal Foundation sticks – they are versatile, easy to use, have fantastic blendability, amazing color range and undertones with the woman of color in mind.
Ampro Shine 'n Jam Edge control – coupled with a mousse, this product does a great job of taming the edges of natural 4c hair for sleek hair looks.
LA Girl Setting Spray – Great for increasing blendability during makeup application, reducing powder and setting the makeup look. It’s a great dupe for Fix +.
7.       Current/upcoming projects we should know about?
WhenGirls Toronto is co-founded by myself and Renee Dennis; two black women from Toronto, ON. With the diverse woman in mind, we provide access to resources, encourage and promote self-discovery and development within safe-space. We are hosting our first social; the Pyjama Jam taking place on Feb 16, 2020 downtown Toronto. The vibe is stylish, chic yet intimate, and don’t be surprised if you catch a performance from the WhenGirls crew. We have a growing community of over 50 members!