How to keep dark hair colours looking sharp

When we talk about colour, we automatically think of brighter colours, especially with the summer months approaching. However, we should remember that dark hair colours matter too!

Sometimes black hair can make a bigger statement than any other colour could, and it looks great on practically every skin tone. It is easy to maintain and doesn’t cause as much damage because dying your hair darker doesn’t require any bleaching or colour lifting. Here's some beautiful deep black hair inspo that will definitely inspire you!If you have a naturally lighter hair colour, or even a dark brown or off-black hair colour and you like to dye it even darker, here are some tips for how to keep your black hair vibrant and healthy. And keep you feeling like a million dollars!

1. Use a colour-care specific shampoo and conditioner

The first products that girls who colour treat their hair should reach for is a shampoo and conditioner that’s specifically catered for coloured hair. It’s important that the hair products you use align with your hair’s needs, to ensure that washing and lathering up your hair is providing all the benefits it possibly can. Opt for an intensely moisturizing shampoo and conditioner with nourishing oils that will bring lustre back into dyed black hair that may be fading or feeling dull, such as Mane 'N Tail Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner.

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Mane 'N Tail Color Protect Conditioner

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2. Use hair masks

Hair masks of every kind will be your best friend if you colour treat your hair. Even if you choose black hair dye and there's less damage to your tresses, it’s important to incorporate hair masks into your hair routine simply for maintenance and ensuring healthy, shiny locks. Carol's Daughter TUI Color Care Hydrating Hair Mask is one of our favourite masks for keeping dark hair looking rich.

Carol's Daughter TUI Color Care Hydrating Hair Mask


3. Nourish hair through your diet

The food you eat affects how your skin, nails and hair look and feel. Ever notice how your skin glows when you nourish it with lots of water and nutritious foods? It’s more important than you’d think to keep a healthy diet if you want your hair to look healthy and feel soft when it has been coloured. You can include iron-rich foods like lean meat, egg whites, fish, low-fat cheeses, leafy greens, nuts and soy, to help to nourish the scalp, improve texture and stimulate hair growth. It works because iron contains protein which builds keratin and strengthens the hair. You can also get some vitamin A in your diet with foods like fish, spinach, carrots, red peppers, apricots and sweet potatoes. Vitamin A is a key vitamin for helping dry hair that’s been processed, preventing breakage. Vitamin A provides moisture to the scalp and brings shine and lustre back into faded dark locks.

4. Get regular trims

Getting regular trims is key. We recommend getting your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks to prevent spilt ends, dryness and promote healthy hair overall. This will keep your black hair looking and feeling luscious. Trims even encourage hair growth, and hair looks fuller and shiner when there is less damage at the ends.

5. Avoid heat styling and UV rays

Regular heat styling can make colour treated locks more fragile, so we suggest finding some cute heatless styles that work for you! Furthermore, UV rays will fade your dark colour, as the sun naturally lightens hair and breaks down chemical bonds that make up hair dye, and this strips the hair of colour. Try protective styles, and/or cover your hair with hats or silk scarves when outside in those beautiful rays this summer.

6. Avoid chlorine

Similarly, you should avoid too much exposure to chlorine if you colour treat your hair! Chlorine is a harsh chemical that can dry out your hair, leaving it dull and lifeless. Keep your hair up and out of the water when going for a swim in the pool.

7. Touch up your colour from time to time

When your black hair is in need of a quick touch up to get that deep, dark colour back, you can use a semi-permanent colour to revitalize your hair's richness and shine. Semi-permanent colour is less harsh than permanent, and is perfect for a DIY, at-home touch up. Bigen Semi-Permanent Hair Color is formulated with gentle, nourishing oils and lasts up to 12 washes. We also recommend Dexe Black Hair Shampoo, which acts as a shampoo and colour in one! It is quick and easy, and keeps colour deep and vibrant for up to 4 weeks.

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