3 Reasons to Choose a Synthetic Wig for the Black Diamond Ball!

Time is flying! The annual Black Diamond Ball is right around the corner and we cannot wait to see everyone at the luxury event. Over the years, brands like Sensationnel and Outre have been changing the wig game; particularly in the synthetic fibre department. You can achieve salon results in the comfort of your own home with little to no effort.
Keep on reading to learn the many benefits to synthetic wigs, and why you should choose it as your next style for the #BlackDiamondBall!
If you haven't already, be sure to purchase your tickets here for the event: 
1. Save money, synthetic wigs are affordable
If you only plan to wear your hairstyle for the ball or a few additional times after, synthetic is the way to go! Our synthetic wigs retail from $49.99 and up so you are bound to find something even if you're on a budget.
On Sale for $49.99
2. Save on time, synthetic wigs are pre-styled and low maintenance
We love a good throw on wig! Synthetic wigs will always come pre-styled, and therefore give you more time to spend on the rest of your look. We'd recommend securing your wig with Ebin New York Adhesive to avoid any mishaps!
This beauty is styled with bombshell curls to give you the ultimate gala look!
3. So many options!
Synthetic wigs come in a variety of styles, colours and lengths. Whether you want to keep your hairstyle simple, or do something bold and dramatic, the options are endless. This is your chance to finally try some colour, or try out a bob without having to manipulate your own hair.
"Aster" comes in a variety of colours, and gives classy yet chic!
 On Sale for $69.99
We recommend using the
Available in a three holdling levels, this adhesive will keep your wig in tact throughout the night! It's also on sale right now for 20% off!