Tips to wear human Remy hair clip in extensions discreetly

The popularity of human Remy hair clip in extensions is increasing with each passing day among women. The reason is their extensive use of celebrities, models and television personalities. Human Remy hair clip in extensions have a very discreet look when you wear them. People would see the difference in your look since you have more hair on your head now but they would not be able to guess the reason unless you tell them. This is the reason why Remy's hair is such a craze among people. However, there are certain factors to consider if you want nobody else to know that you are wearing hair extensions.

Get Human Remy hair clip hair extensions of the Shade of Your Own Hair

To begin with, you must buy hair clip in extensions which are made of real human hair. This is done to ensure that the texture of your hair and that of the extension is the same. One important thing in this regard is to buy hair extensions that match your exact hair color. If you cannot find an exact match, get as much the nearest color shade as possible.

Take Professional Help to Install Hair Extensions

The next step to ensure secrecy is to hire a professional to install the extensions on your head. The professional stylist would be able to set the extensions properly in place which you may not be able to do on your own. They would fix the extensions tightly as it is to be done.

Taking Care of Extensions

It is also important to take very good care of the extensions so that they do not lose their shine and start to look matte. You need to use a mild shampoo to wash them and get deep conditioning done to ensure their proper maintenance. They must be regularly combed as well.

To Go for Virgin or Non-Virgin Variety as Per Requirement

Always go for virgin human Remy hair as the same would be close to your natural hair. However, if you have colored hair, you can go for the non-virgin Remy hair as well which are processed and colored. You just need to find the shade matching your own hair color.