Lip Care For A Perfect Custom Colour Match

Our skin needs a little more moisture during the fall as the weather gets colder, so there's nothing like makeup that doubles as skincare – and that goes for the lips too!

Absolute New York have nailed it with their Match Maker Jelly Lipstick! This colour-adapting jelly lipstick reacts to your lip's natural pH level to create a customized hue that's perfect for you, with a non-sticky finish.

It's formulated with squalane and vitamin E to hydrate and condition the lips whilst giving a gorgeous flush of colour. Plus, it is long lasting and beautifully scented.

Match Maker Jelly Lipstick is new in at Cloré! Browse the shades and shop more Absolute New York below.



Absolute New York Match Maker Jelly Lipstick "Date Night" $6.99

A berry of seductive cherry on date nights 🍒


Absolute New York Match Maker Jelly Lipstick "First Kiss" $6.99

A hint of sweet bubblegum during a first kiss 🫧


Absolute New York Match Maker Jelly Lipstick "Romantic Drive" $6.99

A touch of tangy tangerine on a romantic drive 🍊


Absolute New York Match Maker Jelly Lipstick "Love You's" $6.99

A whiff of mouthwatering strawberry when exchanging "I love you's" 🍓


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