Easy Protective Styling for the Winter Season

Image via Instagram: @bando_britt wearing Outre Converti-Cap Half Wig in Bahama Mama

During winter, the drop in temperature can impact our hair and skin — meaning it's time to adjust our routines!

The cold winter air can dry out our locks and be harsh on our skin. Having the central heating on in our homes can also contribute to this dryness. But these new headband and converti-cap wigs provide simple and effective protective styling during the chilly months to keep your tresses in great condition. They are super cute and come in a range of beautiful colours we're living for. We've also detailed below some bargain skincare to keep your skin healthy and nourished over the winter too, all from our #SelfGratitude sale, so you can update your hair and skincare routines with ease!

Sensationnel Headband Wigs

1) Sensationnel 10A Headband Wig in Loose Deep 14"

2) Sensationnel 10A Headband Wig in Bohemian 14"

3) Sensationnel 10A Headband Wig in Straight 14"

Outre Converti-Cap Wigs

1) Outre Converti-Cap Wig + Bang in Loved One

2) Outre Converti-Cap Wig + Bang in Fearless Diva

3) Outre Converti-Cap Wig + Bang in Radiant Babe

Healing Skincare for Winter

1) Razac Hand & Body Lotion
CA$7.99 CA$5.99

2) Naturel Soaps That Heal Soap Bars
CA$9.99 CA$8.99

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