6 Ways to Embrace Your Feminine Energy

Have you ever thought about what femininity means to you, or wondered how to get more in touch with your feminine side?

During this month of #SelfLove, we've been exploring with our community what it means to have feminine energy, and discussing ways we like to express our femininity. For people of all genders, both feminine energy and masculine energy are necessary to embody in order to feel like a complete person. It's key to find our personal balance between the two and have outlets for both our masculine and feminine energies.
But sometimes we may neglect our feminine side— the flowing, flexible, creative, playful and sensual side. Maybe this is because masculine energy— the assertive, ambitious, directive and progressive energy— can be seen as more "valued" in our culture than feminine energy. That being said, you might find you're longing for something rejuvenating, a little wild, expressive or creative. So let's talk about ways we can embrace our feminine side!

1. Reflection

This is about taking time to get in touch with our inner selves. Explore your thoughts and feelings, even journal them. Be mindful and connect with the present moment. Listen to your body and give it what it needs, whether it's a rest, a stretch, nourishment or some sunlight. Spend a few minutes alone in your bare skin. Nurture positive thoughts and appreciate yourself. When you do this you tap into your femininity and the incredible goddess within!

2. Nature

Certain places can be viewed as masculine or feminine. Feminine energy is life energy, and so natural places such as the forest, the park and the ocean can help you get back in touch with your femininity. Places that are abundant in fresh air, plants and/or wildlife are perfect for when you're feeling out of sync and in need of revitalization.

3. Creativity

The feminine is the creative force. Many women have bodies that are designed to create life after all. But we can get creative in so many beautiful ways; through art, style, music, cooking, dance, or dreaming up new ideas— just to name a few. Finding something that gets your creative juices flowing might not be easy for some, but it could be as simple as trying a makeup look exploring colors you don't usually go for, or braiding your hair in a style that's new for you. Visualise what you want to create and express yourself through it. Anything that gets you into the creative flow is considered feminine!

4. Finessing your emotions

While the masculine is all about logic, the feminine is expressed through emotions. Many of us haven't been taught how to understand our feelings but don't worry; you can learn to be more attuned to your emotions. You do this by listening to your feelings and acknowledging them, considering where they're coming from and how to channel them in the best way. As you get to know your feelings, you'll begin to feel more feminine and whole.

5. Valuing playfulness

Can we be honest? Many of us don't value vacation, connection, downtime, or rest as much as we should! We might be overworked, and so we don't often experience spontaneity or the little, wholesome joys of life. Don't wait until the weekend, or even your next vacay, to feel relaxed and playful again. You can have mini-vacations every day. Prioritize downtime and time for relaxation. Enjoy some self love and self care. When you find that all important balance, you'll feel more like yourself again.

6. Transform

Feminine energy is calm and rejuvenating but it can be bold as well— feminine energy is transformative. If things in your life are no longer working for you, it's feminine energy that pushes you to make a change. Sometimes we have learn to let go so we can welcome the new. But without this aspect of our feminine side, both soothing and powerful, we would never grow.
Feminine energy restores, inspires and uplifts you. Give these 6 practices a try if you ever need to tune back into your femininity!

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